About These Weather Stations

The Rain/Wise MKIII solar-powered personal weather station, shown on the right, features temperature, humidity, wind speed, and wind direction sensors, and records barometric pressure.  It also includes a tipping-bucket type rain gauge and computes dew point, wind chill, and temperature/heat index. The weather station is manufactured in Maine and features a one-mile wireless transmission range (line of sight).  Its solar-charged battery will operate at least 25 days without sun, an important factor considering Minnesota's limited sunlight and low temperatures in winter. The unit transmits its data every two seconds to an indoor display and also directly into the internet through a small electronic receiver.

The WS-2000 weather station by Ambient Weather provides similar information as described above but also has solar radiation and UV sensors.  It operates on solar power with a battery back-up.  

A Useful Hobby to Many

Personal weather stations (PWS) are used by farmers, orchard owners and others to measure not only weather conditions but also UV radiation, soil moisture, soil temperature and leaf wetness.  But thousands of enthusiasts across the U.S. and around the world have a PWS as a hobby for enjoyment and education.

Many weather station owners also go an extra step and send their data to various organizations both here and abroad.  The Weather Underground network collects data from more than 250,000 PWSs.  Hiram Hill weather information also goes to PWSweather, which brings together data from thousands of PWSs and makes it available on the internet to anyone, including detailed graphs and tables.  Finally, AWEKAS, a PWS network based in Austria, collects data from more than 3,500 stations worldwide, including ours.  The WS-2000 also uploads to the WeatherCloud and the UK MET Office networks of personal weather stations.  

NOTE: This website is strictly a hobby.  It is not meant to provide critical or professional weather information.  Consult major, local and National Weather Service media outlets for complete, up-to-date weather information. 

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RainWise MKIII with wind extension
Installed on Feb. 23, 2018  
Wind extension 
added on May 4, 2018

Ambient Weather WS-2000
Installed on Oct. 20, 2018

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